Evaluation of differing interventions (spray dried beef plasma, spray dried colostrum, or antibiotic) at the onset of neonatal calf diarrhea. 2023. J. Dairy Sci., Vol. 106, Suppl. 1

Research conducted at Mapleview Agri in Ontario examined each of the following five consecutive day regiments implemented at the onset of diarrhea, either a.) 30 g, 2x/d of APC Nutrapro B bovine plasma, b.) 30 g, 2x/d of Saskatoon Colostrum Company spray-dried colostrum, c.) an IM inj. of 3 mL trimethoprim sulphadoxine (Borgal), or no additive/antibiotic intervention. n=160 calves. No sig difference (NSD) in ADG or mortality. Calves supplemented with bovine plasma tended faster resolution of diarrhea vs. control and fewer calves required a second scours treatment. The antimicrobial group tended to reduce 1st treatment for respiratory disease and significantly fewer required a second respiratory treatment. The antimicrobial group noted increased 42 d BW vs. control. Cash outlay per calf was $22.40 (300 g) for Saskatoon Colostrum Co. powder, $1.65  for APC Nutrapro B plasma (300 g), and $1.12 (15 mL) for Borgal trimethoprim sulphadoxine.

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Beef-Plasma-vs-Colostrum-vs-Antibiotic-ADSA-Poster-2023.pdf ( 516 KB )
Wood D, Blome R, Keunen A, Keunen B, Ribeiro L, Renaud D. Evaluation of differing interventions at the onset of neonatal calf diarrhea. 2023. J Dairy Sci., Vol. 106, Suppl. 1.

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