APC Nutrapro Plasma

Nutrapro plasma (min. 78% crude protein) is one of the most research proven, most widely used and most beneficial components added to calf milk replacers in the USA.
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There is a plethora of high-quality milk-fed calf research documenting the benefits associated with feeding spray-dried plasma proteins primarily incorporated in milk replacers but also supplemented via add packs to whole milk. There are 22 peer-reviewed calf trials that are published in respected journals comparing the addition of plasma at inclusion rates varying from 3% – 20% to all-milk formulas. There are also 19 ADSA/ASAS/JAM scientific abstracts examining plasma in milk replacers fed to calves. Many benefits to the calf are well documented. There are also published trials examining the effect of plasma when supplemented during an E coli, cryptosporidial enteritis, and coronavirus disease challenge (details available upon request). The addition of plasma is one of the most researched and field-proven (U.S. CMR market share conservatively estimated at 40%) adjuncts incorporated in milk replacers. Detailed analysis of all trials is available upon request (Dave Wood, Animix, davewood@animix.net).”

Published disease-challenge milk-fed calf papers worthy of review:

  • Hunt E, Qiang F, Armstrong M, Rennix D, Webster D, Galanko J, Chen W,
    Weaver E, Argenzio R, Rhoads M. Oral bovine serum concentrate improves
    cryptosporidial enteritis in calves. Pediatric Res 2002; 51:370-376.
  • Nollet H, Laevens H, Deprez P, Sanchez R, Van Driessche E, Muylle E. The
    use of non-immune plasma powder in the prophylaxis of neonatal Escherichia
    coli diarrhea in calves. Am J Vet Med 1999; 46:185-196.
  • Quigley JD, Drew MD. Effects of oral antibiotics or bovine plasma on
    survival, health, and growth in dairy calves challenged with Escherichia coli.
    Food Ag Immunol 2000; 12:311-318.
  • Arthington JD, Jaynes CA, Tyler HD, Kapil S, Quigley JD. The use of bovine
    serum protein as an oral support therapy following coronavirus challenge
    in calves. J Dairy Sci 2002; 85:1249-1254.

Animix lab technicians conducted radial immunodiffusion (RID) testing of  568 production lots of APC Nutrapro B plasma from January 2020 to September 2021 and found an average IgG content of 22.2% (22.2 grams of bovine IgG per 100 grams of plasma powder) with a standard deviation of +/- 2.75%. The average crude protein content was 82.3% (st. dev. +/- 0.91) as reported on certificates of analysis. A second analysis of IgG concentration using the same RID testing method of 538 production lots of APC Nutrapro B plasma from September 2021 to November 2022 found an average IgG concentration of 22.7% with a standard deviation of +/- 3.28%.

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