NRC Calculator App


The NRC Calculator estimates energy and protein allowable average daily gain of the dairy calf based on user inputs regarding the volume of whole milk and/or milk replacer fed, the percent solids of whole milk or milk replacer solution, whole milk protein, and fat content, milk replacer protein, fat, moisture and ash content, starter grain intake, protein content, and metabolizable energy content, calf body weight, and ambient temperature.

Milk replacer, whole milk, or combined whole milk and milk replacer feeding strategies can be analyzed and two strategies can be compared side-by-side on one convenient screen.

The calculator reports energy allowable average daily gain and protein allowable average daily gain for each diet thus enabling an easy assessment of the constraint to an increase in potential calf body weight gain.

Download on your Smartphone for free from either the Android Google Play store or the Apple App Store. Web version coming soon!

Click Here to access the web client version of the app.

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