Evaluation of differing interventions (pork plasma, colostrum, or antibiotic) at the onset of neonatal calf diarrhea

Research at Mapleview Agri Ltd in Ontario examined supplementing either spray-dried pork plasma (30 g 2x daily of APC Nutrapro P), spray-dried whole colostrum (30 g 2x daily of Saskatoon Colostrum Company), administering an antibiotic (3 ml trimethoprim sulphadoxine, Borgal), or no additive/medication commencing at the onset of diarrhea for 5 consecutive days. Results: Calves on the antimicrobial had a greater ADG over the 56 d experimental period. Calves fed antimicrobial noted increased 56-d BW, while calves supplemented with either functional protein tended to greater BW at 56 d. No other differences were noted. The cash outlay for colostrum was $22.40, for plasma was $1.65, and for the antibiotic was $1.12 per calf.

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PORK-Plasma-vs-Colostrum-vs-Antibiotic-ADSA-Poster-2023.pdf ( 478 KB )
Wood D, Blome R, Keunen A, Keunen B, Ribeiro L, and Renaud D. Evaluation of differing interventions (including pork plasma and colostrum) at the onset of neonatal calf diarrhea. 2023. J. Dairy Sci., Vol. 106, Suppl. 1.

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