Pet Food Premixes

You can tust the integrity of your pet food brand with Animix as your premix supplier.

Since its founding, Animix has manufactured premixes and supplements and provided ingredients to pet food manufacturers. We leverage our intensive quality control measures necessary to make problem-free water dispersible premixes in making your premixes that go into your high-value pet food brands. You can trust that Animix will make your specialized mixes right every time!

Pet food manufacturers appreciate the following:

  • our attention to detail,
  • our manufacturing flexibility,
  • our ability to source and use any AAFCO approved ingredients,
  • our ability to make premix on a site where no antibiotics are ever used or stored,
  • our HACCP and AFIA Safe Feed/Safe Food certification,
  • our commitment to confidentiality and discretion in access to very propriety information and
  • our unmatched customer service.

Our minimum batch size for prospective pet food accounts is 2,000 lbs.

Animix also has much expertise in the use of plasma in animal diets and we feel strongly that plasma should be considered for use in any pet food, supplement, or treat. Plasma brings valuable functional health benefits and processing benefits, in addition to a highly palatable, natural, and highly digestible source of protein to pets.

Many of our employees are pet owners. Kindly know that our employees will prepare your premix or pet supplement like it was going into the pet food offered to their own pets.

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