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Animix manufactures liquid products for companies that market equine and calf supplements. We make a premium, high value, palatable, private label-custom formulated liquid iron, vitamin and trace mineral supplement. The product is proven shelf-stable and also field-proven to be palatable to horses. 
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Animix has also developed a liquid spray-dried plasma supplement for use in calves and pigs.

Plasma is the most research- and field-proven supplement used in swine and calf production, and this liquid format enables plasma to be easily administered to individual calves via their milk or electrolytes and to small groups of pigs or individual sows via a drinking water pan. No messy mixing of powders, instead, stabilized and field-proven liquid plasma can be administered with ease. Our technical staff can work with your company to formulate and prove shelf-stable a proprietary formula that includes adjuncts you believe in that can compliment spray-dried plasma. It’s important to note that sick pigs keep drinking even after losing their appetites, so this is an ideal way to get plasma into the pig just when it needs it the most. Note picture of liquid plasma below.

Liquid kaolin-based products are also popular for use when calves have an upset tummy and are slow drinkers or off feed. We’ve developed a shelf stable product for this product category too.

All three products (liquid iron + VTM; liquid plasma; kaolin-based liquid) are proven shelf stable even in warm environments, dispersible in liquids, effective for use and extremely competitively priced in their respective product categories. Contact us for more details.

Animix’s product development team is also always open to exploring the development, proving-out shelf stability, and manufacturing of your next liquid supplement idea.

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