Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein

Quality sources of hydrolyzed wheat gluten protein, when used at appropriate levels and properly balanced with synthetic lysine, methionine and threonine, can significantly reduce costs without giving up calf performance.
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Proven brands of hydrolyzed wheat gluten protein are an excellent tool to reduce rearing costs while maintaining calf performance. Unlike in soy proteins, wheat proteins are naturally void of anti-nutritional factors proven to hurt calves. Mankind must disable the antinutritional factors in soy, and unfortunately, all processes do not consistently neutralize their presence in all soy products. When properly hydrolyzed, wheat gluten proteins are proven highly digestible and to disperse properly in reconstituted milk replacer solution and to perform comparably to milk protein. Animix handles several proven brands (specifications, powerpoint, and relevant abstracts are under the “hydrolyzed wheat protein” category under the “Resources” section).

The PowerPoint summarizes calf data that is available in the public domain. Detailed analysis of all milk-fed calf trials is available upon request (Dave Wood, Animix, biowood10@gmail.com).

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