Fatty Acid Supplements

Animix provides several supplemental fatty acid products for use in milk replacers, veal feed or calf starters, and poultry or swine feeds.
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NeoTec4 (Trademark Provimi) is a finished product that combines short, medium, and essential fatty acids in a proprietary researched blend for use in milk replacer formulas. A considerable quantity of high-quality calf research supports its use and use in the milk replacer industry in the USA has grown steadily for many years. Improvements in odor-reduction (butyric acid has a unique odor) have recently been implemented in NeoTec4 (2021).

Solusel SB94 is a highly concentrated relatively low-odor source of sodium butryate. Sodium butyrate is researched in 28 reputable calf trials (15 published and 13 non-published). Many improvements in calf performance are noted and a research summary is available upon request. This Dutch source of sodium butyrate is widely used in European veal and milk replacer formulas and also field proven in the USA by highly discerning calf growers. Solusel SB94 is also suitable and economical for use in poultry and swine feeds. A literature review of research on sodium butryate in poultry feeds is available upon request (Davewood@animix.net).

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