Emulsifiers & Wetting Agents

Getting fat to disperse perfectly in reconstituted milk replacer solution is a key criterion that separates a good milk replacer from a bad one.
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Animix brings premium emulsifiers proven for use in veal feeds and milk replacers in Europe to the USA and resells them to N. American milk replacer makers. These highly functional emulsifiers are also blended with lecithin and oils to make high-value wetting agents that improve dispersion properties of milk replacer powders.

Fat separation in milk replacer solution is more than just a greasy on-farm mess, it also hurts calf performance and is not tolerated by professional calf raisers. Animix markets and technically supports emulsification systems that assist in improving fat dispersion in milk replacer solution while also improving the wetting properties of milk replacer powder. We have decades of experience using emulsifier-based wetting agents to improve the wettability of the most problematic powders used in milk replacers. Research and field experience also suggests that high-quality emulsifiers when added to milk replacers assist bile salts to improve diet digestibility.

Animix also supplies spray drying aids to companies that manufacture protein encapsulated fats used in milk replacers. These unique emulsifiers and phosphates, when used at advised rates and application strategies, better ensure ideal protein encapsulation of fat particles during the spray drying process, while also optimizing plant throughput and minimizing pollution in spray drying installations. Animix also provides emulsifiers for use in free-fat applied to milk replacer powder.

Animix partners with Functional Solutions of The Netherlands to provide these valuable products and to also offer technical support regarding maintaining fat quality in milk replacers, optimizing fat handling systems, and providing optimum fatty acid nutrition pertaining to the milk-fed calf. Functional Solutions is the global leader in advising encapsulated fat manufacturers, and veal feed and milk replacer manufacturers regarding emulsification systems, and also in providing cost-effective solutions that optimize fat nutrition for the milk-fed calf. Incorporating fat into milk replacers is problematic and the combined team of Functional Solutions and Animix provides our customers many helpful solutions.

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