Direct Fed Microbials

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Animix is a leading manufacturer of private label custom formulated direct-fed microbial products, primarily for milk-fed calves (veal, herd replacement and dairy beef), but also for poultry, swine, and lactating dairy cattle.

Our staff worked with a leading DFM company to a.) identify and characterize calf pathogens from 1,000+ fecal swabs taken from scouring calves located in CA, WI, IA, OH, and PA, b.) select strains of Bacillus that were examined in vitro, and c.) coordinate calf studies like the ones cited  in the abstract below to evaluate these Bacillus strains in typical calf production settings.

Animix also assembles DFM’s composed of proven durable and very economical lactic acid producing bacteria and also of live yeast and mannan-oligosaccharides.

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