Cross Street Facility

Our second of two facilities is located on Cross Street on the south edge of the municipality of Juneau, Wisconsin in an industrial park. This location has full capabilities to back-up our “County KW” facility in case of tragedy or emergency.

This plant features:

  • 1 roller blender with 8,000 lbs. capacity. This mixer is used for large batches of water-dispersible premixes and also for unique and problematic mixes that require blending absorbing carriers with liquids or for mixes that are sensitive to the build-up of heat that occurs when blending in a standard ribbon blender. This mixer allows Animix to make highly sensitive and efficacious electrolytes that contain sensitive components that are impossible to use at appreciable levels in ribbon blenders.
  • 1 mixer with 4,000 lbs. capacity
  • 1 mixer with 500 lbs. capacity
  • Large batch (ton tote) liquid blender designed to make emulsifier/lecithin blends used by our customers as wetting agents sprayed on to the exterior of their milk replacer powders. Also used for various bulk (ton tote) liquid products.
  • Mixer uniformity studies are conducted at a pre-scheduled time on every blender to ensure accurate blending every time.
  • This site is and has always been since its inception antibiotic-free in order to serve customers that have this specific requirement
  • Sewn and heat-sealed bag capabilities
  • A pouching line for small packaging
  • Adequate warehousing for raw materials and finished goods
  • Numerous loadout docks and staging areas
  • Plant management, accounting, and human resources are located in offices on this site. New offices for Animix management were added in 2020

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